North Star Group (NSG) provides strategic advice, advocacy and research for communities, governments, businesses, and organizations in the United States and abroad. NSG’s goal is to provide a collaborative platform for developing strategies, building relationships, and navigating complex national and international governance systems. Based in Alaska and Washington, D.C., with a European presence, NSG provides a unique set of talents that combine community, public, and private interests.

What We Do

North Star Group has a large network of strategic contacts that it can leverage for your business or organization. Whether it be a business endeavor or social impact initiative, NSG can connect you to new and collaborative opportunities in the U.S. and beyond. As an Alaska company, NSG offers expertise in Arctic-related and climate matters, local economic development, and Indigenous community and stakeholder engagement. Learn More

Who we are

North Star Group is a firm that emphasizes research, frequent communication, organization, effective coordination, and diligent follow-through to create positive impacts and real results. NSG brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge on a broad range of issues, all aimed at achieving clients’ social, economic, and political goals through constructive communication and research.

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Strategic Partners

North Star Group works with strategic partners to support shared interests on Arctic related issues. Strategic partner initiatives align with NSG’s mission and values. NSG shares networks, supports events and advocates on social media for its partners. If you would like to become a strategic partner or would like more information about strategic partnerships, please contact Communication & Strategic Partner Associate Andrea Wagner