The North Star Group (NSG) is a client-centered consulting firm that provides strategic advice, advocacy and research for communities, governments, businesses, and organizations in the United States and abroad. NSG’s team of high-level experts offer a collaborative platform for developing strategies, building relationships and mutual interests, and navigating complex national and international governance systems, while achieving client goals. Based in Washington, D.C. and Alaska, with a Canada presence, NSG provides a unique set of talents that combine community, public, and private interests.

NSG is a firm that emphasizes research, frequent communication, organization, effective coordination, and diligent follow-through to create positive impacts and real results. NSG brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge on a broad range of issues, all aimed at achieving clients’ social, economic, and political goals through constructive communication and research.

NSG works with companies and organizations to conduct business through a lens that considers the interests of society. By taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on stakeholders – communities, governments, NGOs, customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders – as well as on the environment – businesses and organizations can be graciously accountable and responsive while creating positive results. One of the key components of Corporate Social Responsibility is having a vibrant community relations and engagement plan, the development of which is a hallmark of NSG’s work.

  • Management of public policy issues in the nation’s capital and beyond
  • Guide issues through the legislative process, and assist and evaluate legislative initiatives
  • Follow and monitor issues through the congressional and administrative public-hearing process
  • Develop strategies to overcome identified federal and state barriers
  • Prepare issue status reports and keep clients well informed about the issues