Advocacy and Lobbying

With many years of experience on Capitol Hill and working with state legislatures, NSG is well situated to monitor federal and state programs and lawmakers’ actions. NSG maintains strong working relationships with congressional offices, committee staff, and agency personnel. We are particularly focused on the western United States and Alaska, and regularly monitor the activities of committees and agencies acting on Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian concerns, natural resources, economic development and land use.

Social Performance and Community Engagement

In addition to obtaining official and legally required permits and authorizations, NSG assists in comprehensive strategy development that balances respect for Indigenous culture and traditions with community needs for economic development and infrastructure. Our team is experienced in advising companies and institutions on Corporate Social Responsibility (commonly referred to as CSR) and developing collaborative relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders. Our burgeoning specialty has been advising resource extraction companies seeking Social Licenses to Operate (also referred to as SLO) from Indigenous communities. This informal and intangible ‘approval to operate’ is granted to companies by impacted communities after relationships based on trust, cooperation, and shared goals have been established. It is the genesis and maintenance of these relationships that have been a hallmark of NSG involvement.

Strategy and Business Development

NSG’s team offers a depth of business expertise to companies, organizations, and tribal-based entities, and can assist clients in creating respectful, mutually supportive collaborations in communities, resulting in value to both the client and the community. Collaboration, engagement, and participation are the best policies for all parties, and NSG emphasizes process and expertise in relationship-building that brings enduring success for our wide variety of clientele.