Arctic Report July 13, 2016

Policy leaders, tech industry experts and other executives met to discuss the critical need for high-speed broadband across the circumpolar Arctic at the Top of the World Arctic Broadband Summit in Barrow, Alaska in July.
The summit included presentations ranging from the government’s role in broadband development and expansion to the latest news about the Quintillion Subsea Cable Project, in which the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC) is a minority partner.

Department of Energy FY2017 Budget Request

The FY2017 DOE budget request is for $32.5 billion in discretionary spending, which is $747 million more from the enacted 2016 budget. Unlike previous budgets, the FY2017 budget contains three major components. — Please subscribe or sign in to read the full story.

Electricity Use in Rural and Islanded Communities: A Workshop Supporting the Quadrennial Energy Review's Public Outreach

February 8 -9, 2016 – Keck Center, Washington, DC The National Academy of Sciences’ (NAS) Board on Energy and Environmental Systems held a workshop that focused on identifying challenges and opportunities for increasing efficiency, reducing emissions and costs, and improving resiliency. Also discussed was the implementation of innovative clean energy strategies in rural and islanded […]

National Academies of Sciences' Arctic Matters Day

January 14, 2016 – NAS building, Washington, DC On January 14th, The National Academies of Sciences held a public symposium “Arctic Matters Day” to provide an overview of the dramatic environmental changes affecting the Arctic region and the many ways these changes can affect the world’s population. — Please subscribe or sign in to read […]