North Star Group is an international consulting firm founded in Alaska that specializes in social performance, community sustainability, and local business development in northern latitudes. NSG’s team of professionals offers a collaborative platform to develop strategies, build relationships, and navigate complex local, state, national and international governance systems to achieve client goals.

Issue Management & Local Solutions

We work closely with clients to identify core issues and determine the right structure and strategy for community problem solving, ranging from small community discussions to national conferences. Our team is experienced in working collaboratively to develop communication plans that connect with people through a variety of formats.

Social Performance & Community Sustainability

Our team assists in comprehensive strategy development that balances respect for Indigenous cultures and traditions with community needs for economic development and infrastructure. We are experienced in advising companies and institutions on developing collaborative relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders. In addition to the official and legally required permits and authorizations that resource extraction companies and other businesses need to obtain, we can assist with securing social licenses to operate with Indigenous communities.

Strategy & Business Development

We offer a depth of business expertise to companies, organizations, and tribal-based entities. Team members help clients form respectful, mutually supportive collaborations. We have found collaboration, engagement, and participation are principles that maximize client benefits, whether the client is a multinational corporation or a rural village. Our team emphasizes a process of dialogue and relationship-building that brings enduring success to its wide-ranging clientele.

Global Partners

North Star Group works with global partners to support shared interests on Arctic related issues. Global partner initiatives align with NSG’s mission and values. NSG shares networks, supports events and advocates on social media for its partners. If you would like to become a global partner or would like more information about partnerships, please contact Communication & Global Partner Associate Andrea Wagner.